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Thank you for visiting – the web’s newest blog dedicated to winches and winch accessories. Our goal is to be useful and/or helpful to people buying a winch, using a winch, looking for cool winch accessories, installing a winch, or for anyone wondering about how winches work. We’re also going to include some news and information that anyone who enjoys off-roading might find useful, and we hope to become a resource for the winch industry.

This site is brand new, and a lot of things don’t work yet. We appreciate your patience. If you need something right away that we don’t have working yet, feel free to contact us and we’ll do the best we can.

Thank you for your patience.


Jason – Admin of and head of the WinchBin team.


  1. Jason says: is brand new alright – this is the first comment.

  2. Greg says:

    I just bought a superwinch EPI 9.0 for my 1985 FJ60. What are your thoughts on that winch and company? It is mounted on a hitch receiver that I had welded to the front of the vehicle on the frame. I want to be able to take it off of the hitch receiver and put it on the rear hitch. Thanks

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