T-Max Outback Series EWI-9500 Winch Review

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The difference between a fun and not so fun off-road trip can come down to what type of winch you own. The T-Max EWI-9500 can help you get the most out of your trip and is considered a good value among winches.

T-Max EWI-9500 Winch Review

Considered as the “good value” winch on the market, the T-Max EWI-9500 is a wise choice for off-roaders.

T-Max is built by Westin Automotive, a china-sourced product that is part of their Outback series. They have been in business for more than 33 years and they have a large manufacturing plant in St. James Minnesota. They offer a complete line of automotive parts and accessories including light bars, grille guards, bumpers and winch mounting systems.

Product Features
The T-Max EWI=9500 has a dark gray finish and comes with a wireless remote control. It is a 6.6hp motor with an integrated solenoid module that is rated at 28.7 feet per minute. It has an outstanding weight-to-power ratio among other winches. Like other winches it has a three-stage planetary gear train and has a similar line pull rating that other winches have. The winch has a more rugged look versus other comparable models.

The winch features:

  • Rated Line Pull -9500Lbs (4300kgs) Single Line
  • Motor -6.6hp 12V Series Wound
  • Control – Wireless Multi-control
  • Solenoid style – Integrated Solenoid Module (ISM)
  • Gear train – 3 Stage Planetary
  • Gear ratio 218:1
  • Clutch – Sliding Ring Gear
  • Braking- Automatic In-the-Drum
  • Drum size – Diameter 2.52″(64mm).Length 8.82″(224mm)
  • Cable- 100′ Length (30m) 21/64″Diameter(8.2mm)
  • Fairlead- 4way roller Fairlead
  • Remote Control – Included
  • Recommended Battery – 650CCA minimum for winching
  • Battery Leads – 2 guage 72″ (1.8m)
  • Weight – 101 lbs.

Most users of the T-Max EWI-9500 winch have found it to be a great product capable of handling all their winching needs. It is fast and easy to use albeit it is doesn’t have the sexy look of other winches. But, who wants to have a sexy winch anyway? The fact that it is has a wireless remote and a very strong pull rate makes it a sure bet for many off-roaders. One note of caution about the remote though it that many people have found it has a delay.

The T-Max EWI-9500 is fast and durable making it regarded as a top-notch winch among all the winches on the market. This type of performance for the price of $999.99 with a three-year warranty on all mechanical parts means it is a great value.

In the end, the T-Max EWI-9500 is a good option for the value driven off-roader who is looking to add a winch without spending a fortune. While it isn’t a pretty looking product, it will be able to get you out of a jam when the time comes. When looking for a new winch, consider the T-Max 9500, for the money it is hard to beat.

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T-Max Outback Series EWI-9500 Winch Review4.25Stan Attles2012-07-26 09:50:13The difference between a fun and not so fun off-road trip can come down to what type of winch you own. The T-Max EWI-9500 is good value among winches.

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