The Best Winch How-To Videos

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There are a lot of ‘how-to’ winching videos out there, but not all of them are created equal. We’ve scoured the net to find some of the best videos out there that can show you how to get the most out of your winch, and answer some questions that you might have about all of the different ways you can make use of a winch out on the trail.

There are seven videos in total, showing you how to winch, how to protect your winch from theft, how to work a snatch block, etc. Enjoy.

How To Winch With 4 Wheel Parts

The experts at put together this quick video that shows you how to tackle a few different winching tasks, including vehicle recovery or obstacle moving using more than a single vehicle / winch.

How To Keep Thievin’ Bastards From Stealing Your 4×4 Winch

YouTube user WheeliePete was tired of having to worry about thieves making off with his winch, so he put together a nicely-detailed how-to guide to making sure it’s almost impossible to steal the winch off the front of your vehicle without some serious power tools. (note – language gets a little colorful.)

Tips & Tricks – Winching and Snatching

Curious about how to tread lightly out on the trail but still get unstuck using your winch if your have to? Neil Crompton shows you how.

Using Your Winch At Home

Maybe you’re not miles from home but actually in the backyard, moving a vehicle that just won’t roll on it’s own anymore. 4wdTV demonstrates some winching safety tips while moving through this type of relaxed scenario.

How To: Use A Winch To Tow A Car

Another vehicle recovery how-to video, but this one is from and takes place in the desert, where you usually don’t have any trees or other anchors to use when trying to get someone unstuck.

Reverse Winch

Hunty walks you through the basics of reverse winching yourself out of trouble.

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