Would You Use a Chainsaw Powered Winch? 

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Those looking for winches to buy may run across a unique design out there — the chainsaw powered winch. These winches are lightweight and portable, but most notably, they incorporate a chainsaw for the drive motor. What’s the utility of brands using chainsaw motors and what do the people who use them think?

Winches Driven by Chainsaw Motors

The chainsaw powered winch is a unique and useful design.

What Do You Use This For?

The chainsaw motor driven winch was designed four decades back to offer an economical way to skid logs from the forest while minimizing the impact on the environment in the area. Since they are portable, their utility doesn’t end in logging.

These kinds of winches are particularly popular amongst boaters who need to pull their vessels from the water — they’re also used for pulling stuck anchors from the water. Chainsaw driven winches are also popular amongst hunters and as an ATV accessory.

Basically, these designs fill a need when a powerful and portable winch is needed for a job of many different sizes. Since it is a gas powered design, it saves on electricity use and does not need to work off the battery on your vehicle.

Feedback is Mixed

Because this type of winch usually comes with quite an eye opening price tag, it’s important to note that reviews from users are varied.

Many seem to note that these designs are best from occasional use to save your truck or boat battery, while others think there might be more practical models out there.

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