Quick Off-Road Winch Tips

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A winch is a piece of equipment used by many off-roaders that spools and unspools a cable or chain that is wrapped around a kind of drum — putting it very basically. Some are operated by hand and crank, while others have motors and power sources.

Get Quick Winch Tips for Off-Roaders

As an off-roader, you most commonly use a winch when your truck or SUV loses traction and isn’t going to move without help. When the time comes to use the winch as an off-roader, you’ll pull out the cable, attach it to an anchor point, and engage the winching functions — be it by hand or motor. The winch will then slowly pull the stuck vehicle out of the terrain.

Whether you are getting ready for an upcoming off-road competition, or just going out for the weekend, you’ll need these tips on hand for winch use in these kinds of situations.


  • Choose your winch wisely! Buy a winch that’s strong enough to tow your vehicle.
  •  Select your anchor point with care — this point should be a large stationary object, such as a big tree or boulder.
  • When using another vehicle as an anchor point, secure the stationary vehicle and set the emergency brake and put it into parking gear.
  • Do not use all of the slack on the cable — keep it rolled a few times around the drum.
  •  Using a snatch block can increase the winches pulling capacity.
  • Inspect your cable for wear and tear before each and every use — a cable can snap easily under load!
  • Never use a frayed cable, even if it’s fairly new.
  • Stand away from the cable, if it snaps, it could whip you and result in serious injury.
  • Use a strap to anchor the winch, do not use your winch cable to attach to the anchor point directly.
  • Wear gloves when handling the cable.
  • Give the motor time to cool off — stop as many times as you need to preserve the motor from damage from overheating.


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