Get Your ATV Winter Ready

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Winter is here, or quickly approaching, in most areas of the United States, and it’s time to get your ATV ready for use during the winter months. Here’s a list of things you need to do soon if you want to get full use out of your ATV this winter. Get Your ATV Winter Ready

Service Your Oil 

During the colder months, the oil weight will need to be different than it was during the summer. The thinner the better for use during colder temperature rides.

Swap for Snow Tires 

If you are going to be driving through the snow, you’ll need to get some good snow tires with lugs spaced further apart to dig into the snow. Check here for more extensive information about selecting snow style tires, this also applies to your car/truck.

Install Your Plow 

When you ride your ATV during the winter, you’ll probably put it to more work than during the summer months. Having a plow will make it easier to clear a path, be it off-road or on your own driveway, and increase the safety of your travels.

Mount Your Winch 

When you have a winch on your ATV during the winter, it can come in handy for many different situations. Winches come in handy if you get stuck or need to tow something out of the snow. With a good winch, you can hook your ATV to a tree and tow yourself out of what could’ve been an otherwise dangerous situation.

Get an ATV Cab if You Don’t Want to be Cold 

When you want to use your ATV but don’t like being cold, an ATV cab can be the perfect compromise. There’s also a range of options for cab heaters than can be hooked up to the electrical system.

Check the Battery 

A snowy trip is no time to get stranded because of a bad battery. Check to make sure your ATV is able to hold a charge and replace the battery if the charge is too low. Long, draining trips can cause a bad battery to give out altogether without much warning.

Get a Fuel Dryer

Frozen fuel lines is a huge problem in the winter. Investing in a fuel dryer will keep water from forming on the gas lines from condensation accumulation.

Taking a few steps will keep you safe on your ATV during the snowy winter months. Make sure you take the time to check your equipment properly before each use. Elements can be harsh on ATVs, no matter how new the vehicle is — make sure you pay extra attention to your ATV during the grueling winter months to ensure continued use.


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